Twitter acquires Deep Learning Startup, Fabula AI

Twitter announced that it has acquired London-based Fabula AI. The financial terms of transactions are not disclosed.

The announcement stated that Twitter has established a research group lead by Sandeep Pandey. The research groups look into areas like natural language processing, reinforcement learning, ML ethics, recommendation systems, and graph deep learning.

In one of the posts titled "Fake News revealed through artificial intelligence", it was revealed that Fabula AI team, Michael Bronstein, professor and researcher at the USI Institute of Computational Science (ICS), fellow ICS researchers Federico Monti and Dr Davide Eynard, developed a new method based on algorithms and artificial intelligence that could prove to be the most effective solution to the spreading of fake news through the Internet.

Instead of content, their method focuses on the processes that generate news items in an automated fashion, identifying models useful to distinguish real news from fake ones. The Fabula AI team employs innovative graph deep learning to detect network manipulation.

Executive Opinion

Co-founder and Chief Scientists at Fabula AI, Michael Bronstein, said, "We are really excited to join the ML research team at Twitter and work together to grow their team and capabilities. Specifically, we are looking forward to applying our graph deep learning techniques to improving the health of the conversation across the service."

Fabula AI at Twitter

The announcement blog post noted that Twitter interested in a novel method of Graph deep learning implementing powerful ML techniques to network-structured data. Graph deep learning techniques are capable of quickly analyzing and extracting signals from a very large and complex dataset describing relations and interactions.

As a part of Fabula AI acquisition, Twitter will get Fabula AI's world-class team of machine learning researchers who employ graph deep learning. Twitter will also able to improve the health of the conversation by analyzing the millions of Tweets, Retweets and Likes shared on Twitter every day.

Fabula's team will be joining the Twitter Cortex team of ML engineers, data scientists, and researchers, the announcement says.

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