IBM reveals World's First 2 Nanometer Semiconductor Chip Technology

IBM Power 10 Chip

IBM announced that it has successfully manufactured the world's first 2 nm (nanometers) semiconductor chip.  

The announcement claimed the breakthrough in semiconductor chip design and the process at its research lab at the Albany Nanotech Complex in Albany, New York.  The 2 nm semiconductor chip claims to deliver 45 percent higher performance and consumes 75 percent less energy as compared to the latest 7nm semiconductor chip.

Note that IBM is also the first company to research and manufacture 7 Nanometer (nm) and 5 Nanometer (nm) semiconductor chips. In the second half of 2021, IBM is offering its first IBM POWER10 Processor, a 7 nm semiconductor chip, as their commercial offering as a part of IBM Power Systems.

Executive Opinion

SVP and Director of IBM Research, DarĂ­o Gil, said, "The IBM innovation reflected in this new 2 nm chip is essential to the entire semiconductor and IT industry. It is the product of IBM's approach of taking on hard tech challenges and a demonstration of how breakthroughs can result from sustained investments and a collaborative R&D ecosystem approach."

IBM's 2 nm Semiconductor Chip

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to become a core part of business applications in transactional and analytical workflows. Also, AI inferencing is becoming central to enterprise applications. The 2 nm semiconductor chip can help faster object detection and reaction time with self-driving cars, notes the announcement.

The 2 nm semiconductor chip can quadruple the cell phone battery life and possibly reduce the global carbon footprint by one percent. The semiconductor chip can also enhance the laptop speed, according to the announcement/

The latest semiconductor chip breakthrough has the potential to improve capabilities in sectors like edge workloads, AI, cloud computing, hardware-enforced security, and encryption.


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