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Write to us at write@techsutram.com
Most of our team works remotely and forwards messages to TechSutram team members, who take care of inquiries as soon as possible. We appreciate honest feedback, constructive criticism, and useful link suggestions.

For press releases:

We welcome press releases for Cloud computing, IoT, AI,  BlockChain and Startups contributing in these verticals. Read and submit our press release form here.

Journalist/Writer/Blogger Pitches 

If you’re a writer, blogger, executive, developer, or otherwise have something to say about Cloud computing, IoT, AI,  BlockChain and Startups contributing in these verticals, let us know and we will revert in two days.

Guest Posts 

We welcome guest posts. Refer to our guest post guidelines.

Sponsored Posts

Only a percentage of guest post submissions are accepted for publication. Sponsored posts are a way to ensure you reach TechSutram's audience. For more information on sponsored posts, please contact write@techsutram.com with subject tagged as [SALES]

Permission to Republish from TechSutram 

If you are interested in licensing TechSutram content for republication elsewhere, including course materials and company websites, send us an email. Please include the URL of the TechSutram article or other content you are interested in republishing and details of where you would like to republish it.


To advertise on TechSutram, email us at advertising@techsutram.com with subject tagged with [ADV]

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