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The technology world is growing at a rapid rate. What are your views, ideas, and experiences on these global paradigm shifts?

Here are brief submission guidelines

  1. Be original.
  2. Make sure not to violate copyright when using images or videos. Give credit when needed.
  3. Do not plagiarize! Create something genuine and new. Get straight to the point while avoiding lengthy introductions.
  4. The article should have an eye-catching title. We reserve right to edit.
  5. The article must be submitted with the author bio, including details on your expertise. Clearly, state why your opinion on the topic should count to readers.
  6. If you’re not the author, be sure to tell us what organisation you work for and spell out your relationship with the author.
  7. Your article must be 900-1200 words and offer something valuable to our readers.
  8. You can have a maximum of 2 self-serving links (one to your site/ blog and the other to any social media channel) in the author bio.
  9. Submissions should not have any advertisements.
  10. It is advised that claims and statements should be supported by linking to genuine sources.
  11. Outgoing links must be relevant to our blog. For examples linking to dating sites, SEO agencies, Credit related sites etc. aren't allowed.
  12. Add subheadings, bullet points, paragraphs to make the article more readable. We will match article stylesheet as per our website design.
  13. We reserve the right to do edits to your article.
  14. An article once published on our site, you cannot publish anywhere else, including your own blog. Also, we do not accept stories that are published in other publications. If it is submitted to other publications then clearly state so.
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  16. You can send your submissions as a word document or HTML file.
  17. Images should not be more than 100KB in size and it should be attached to the submission email. Images if not original then proper attributions and credits must be mentioned in the article.
  18. Your article will go through our approval process. We may not be able to publish the content when it does not fit into our content categories.
  19. Please send any press releases, interview requests, or news tips to TechSutram’s team at write [AT] techsutram [DOT] com with the subject tagged as [PRESS], [INTERVIEW] or [NEWS] respectively.

How to submit a guest post?

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Your story would qualify as a sponsored post if you or your company write about a solution or an area with your vested interest. To speak to TechSutram about sponsored post opportunities, please contact write [AT] techsutram [DOT] com with the subject tagged as [SALES]

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