Baidu Cloud Introduces its Baidu Blockchain Engine, BBE

Baidu Cloud introduces its Baidu Blockchain Engine, BBE

Baidu Cloud has launched its Baidu Blockchain Engine, BBE to simplify the development of blockchain applications aka decentralized apps (DApps) as easy as developing mobile applications.

BBE which stands for Baidu Blockchain Engine is built on the Baidu's ABC 3.0 (AI artificial intelligence, Big data big data, Cloud Computing ) technology stack.

BBE is built on the Baidu's intelligent cloud service platform and uses pluggable blockchain framework that will allow developers with a complete multi-chain, middle-tier and various contract templates, Dapp templates and other services to ease and simplify blockchain based development.

Baidu Blockchain Engine / BBE Deployment

BBE can be deployed on the Baidu cloud private cloud so that developers can create and manage the blockchain network quickly on the Baidu's private cloud platform. In addition, Baidu blockchain engine BBE can also be deployed inside enteprises. With this deployment model, it is quite possible to build a highly available and flexible implementation of privatized blockchain BaaS platform.

The announcement said that the Baidu Blockchain Lab has designed BBE platform on six functions viz. trusted computing environment, high performance and high throughput, scalable storage, cross-chain trusted interaction, general intelligent contract, and contract security audit.

Use Cases & Scenarios

The announcement further said that BBE is already applied in various use cases such as the Internet of Things, hazardous chemicals logistics, financial collection, asset securitization ABS, financial information sharing platform, and consumer finance.

Multi-type blockchain financial services such as credit, metering, ABS and transactions are supported by Baidu Cloud's unified blockchain platform in the consumer finance segment. The announcement also noted that Baidu Cloud Blockchain already supported the authenticity verification of 50 billion assets.

The Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform already supports three distinct blockchain protocols like Baidu’s own XuperChain, a permissioned version of Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.

Baidu Cloud also said that open source and commercialization are the only way to build a blockchain operating system such as BBE.


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