and Telos Blockchain Collaborates to Tackle COVID-19 Testing and The Telos Foundation are now set to launch an app that helps users with low-cost Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing.

The new app named Agerona will help users to find the source for the test kits in their respective countries.

Executive Opinion

The chief architect of Telos Blockchain Network, Douglas Horn, said, "This project is a remarkable example of how individuals from around the world can come together to increase the tools we have to address global problems. Increasingly, we will see grassroots teams such as this rapidly providing solutions that governments cannot. We built Telos precisely to enable this type of peer-to-peer interaction. It’s rewarding to see a number of Telos developers come together and contribute their own code and expertise in support of the technology and logistics that brings to the table. The synergies are enormous, and I’m so proud of every Agerona contributor."

The CEO of, Daniel Uribe, said, "We are honored to join this amazing team led by Telos Foundation and aim to contribute by sharing our experience in the fields of genomics, privacy laws, and decentralized DNA data wallets to achieve the best privacy-preserving platform and an anonymous COVID-19 Test kit using the Telos Network. People have the right to know if they have the coronavirus without violating their privacy."

Coronavirus Outbreak initiatives

The Telos blockchain will store the results, thus allowing the users to share the results with healthcare service providers if they choose, notes the announcement.

The app will be open source and provide users with full control over their data. will launch a new token type along with the app. The Agerona app is slated for release in April 2020.

The Agerona app will also be going to help users to order the testing kits without revealing the user's identity. The Agerona app will also sport an experimental feature in which users can even record a sound clip of their cough to submit to help with the development of an Artificial Intelligence-based diagnostic tool.

Recently, to tackle COVID-19, WHO partnered With IBM, Microsoft, Oracle on Blockchain-Based COVID-19 Data Hub.

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