WHO partners With IBM, Microsoft, Oracle on Blockchain-Based COVID-19 Data Hub


World Health Organization (WHO) has now collaborated with companies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and many other government agencies to create a blockchain-based open data hub known as MiPasa.

The blockchain-powered platform will verify various information related to the Coronavirus outbreak to make sure its validity and create plans to contain the pandemic based on the same.

Executive Opinion

CEO of Hacera, Jonathan Levi, said, "We feel that there isn't enough information out there to make informed decisions. How can we help all the people that would like to get access to data, analyze it and provide insights? Lots of data tool providers are getting involved. Everybody is rushing to help and nobody is charging a cent."

IBM Blockchain, CTO Gari Singh, said, "We started off brainstorming ideas on how to collect, provide and use verified information about the virus. It's not that we were trying to force blockchain into this solution, but we thought we need to replicate data, we need to have trusted sources, we need to make sure it can't be tampered with. You could think of a simple set of applications for the drive-through testing. Using an iPad you could enter some information without having to know who the person was. We can start to collect that and build new applications off that."

Blockchain-powered MiPasa PlatformCOVID-19 initiatives

MiPasa platform is built with HyperLedger Fabric and built specifically to provide attested coronavirus data. The platform already sources data from the World Health Organization, the Center of Disease Control, the Israeli Public Health Ministry and other qualified agencies.

MiPasa platform leverages IBM Blockchain Platform and IBM Cloud Platform. The platform provides attested Covid-19 data from three key sources viz.  the WHO figures, the CDC figures and others

The platform is also focused on the ease of use where someone can enter a set of information from a smartphone, which then will be utilized by the platform to build an application for the same.

IBM also took an initiative for ‘Call for Code ’ which would ensure the rapid creation of various analytical tools for monitoring all kinds of data.

A few days back, C3.ai, Microsoft and Top Universities launch Digital Transformation Institute, Sets focus on COVID-19 Epidemic

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