AWS launches Diagnostic Development Initiative for COVID-19 Diagnostics and Testing


AWS has recently launched the AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative Investment program of $20 Million.

The funding will help to accelerate COVID-19 research, detection and testing. The initiative will help to support the customers who are working to bring accurate diagnostic solutions to market faster across different organizations working on similar issues.

Funding will be offered in terms of technical support and AWS in-kind credits to assist research scientists in using the full potential of the cloud to develop these solutions.

Executive Opinion

A member of the World Health Organization's Digital Health Technical Advisory Group and a member of the AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative’s technical advisory group, Steve Davis,  said, "The world needs more and more private sector innovation to combat this pandemic. Amazon’s commitments and participation are very welcome, particularly since the lack of significant next-generation diagnostic tools remains a large gap in most health systems. A platform to link research, digital capabilities, and new products to customers globally is an exciting venture."

AWS's COVID-19 Initiative

The program will be open for research organizations and some of the private entities that are using Amazon Web Services to support research oriented workloads for the development of diagnostics.

Amazon also believes that this initial investment, paired with the teams of researchers committed to finding a cure, which will help to accelerate COVID-19 treatments and testing.

This new AWS Initiative will benefit from the proper guidance of an outside technical advisory group that is having full support from the global health policy experts, major scientists, and leaders in the diagnostics of infectious diseases, notes the announcement.

The launch of this new initiative coincides with efforts from another technology solution developer.

NVIDIA recently revealed that it would offer a 90-days free license to its Parabricks software for the COVID-19 researchers.

Just a few days back, Alibaba also offered its Cloud-powered AI Solutions for COVID-19 Diagnostics.

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