Alibaba offers its Cloud powered AI Solutions for COVID-19 Diagnositcs

Alibaba offers its Cloud powered AI Solutions for COVID-19 Diagnositcs

Alibaba Cloud has started offering Cloud and AI-based technology solutions to fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The cloud-native solutions stem from joint efforts of the Alibaba Cloud experts, researchers, and scientists from the Alibaba DAMO Academy and some of the technical expert team at DingTalk, notes the announcement.  UNESCO proposed DingTalk platform as a tool to facilitate distance learning during the coronavirus outbreak.

With the help of video conferencing and real-time AI translation into 11 new languages, Alibaba Cloud aims to build a virtual community. Alibaba Cloud also invited doctors in China to leverage new offerings to share their experiences and answer questions with their global peer communities. The platform as of now supports the Chinese, French, English, Bahasa, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

Executive Opinion

The DataQuest report noted a statement from General Manager, Alibaba Cloud South Asia, Alex Li, who said, "We are committed to sharing our proven technology in the fight against COVID 19 across the globe. In India, we hope to help students and workers stay connected remotely through technology, and ensure our customers can conduct businesses online with cloud computing technologies, so that we can help minimise the impacts that COVID-19 has brought on to our daily lives."

Alibaba Cloud AI/ML offerings for Coronavirus Predictions

Epidemic Prediction solution leverages machine learnings to model COVID-19 characteristics in a particular region. The ML algorithm estimates of size, peak time and duration of the epidemic. Further trends of the epidemic can also possibly classified under optimistic, neutral, and pessimistic conditions.

Other solutions offered are CT Image Analytics Solution to diagnose COVID-19. An AI-powered Genome Sequencing for Coronavirus Diagnostic Solution from Alibaba DAMO Academy offers viral genetic data screening, evolutionary analysis, protein structure analysis, and diagnostic reporting, notes the announcement.

Alibaba Cloud is also offering elastic high-performance computing solution for life science, which is a cloud-native computing cluster solution that is highly-designed for the researchers who are working on the application related to life sciences.

Some other Chinese technology companies have also pitched in to support the fight against the Covid-19.

The cloud unit of the telecommunications network equipment market Huawei has also helped in the development of a tool that enables researchers to understand the genetic makeup of the virus.

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