Cryptocurrency Trading platform provider, Aurox raises $5 Million in Equity funding

Blockchain network platform 5ire secured $100 Million in funding

Cryptocurrency and Web3 Tax reporting platform CoinLedger raised $6 Million in funding

Blockchain Infrastructure startup Blockdaemon Raises $207 Million in Series C funding

Blockchain-attached Storage platform, Functionland secured $1.1 Millon in Seed funding

Decentralized Marketplace secured $6.5 Million in Seed funding

Crypto Index provider Vinter secured $3.4 Million in seed funding round

Crypto IRA Software Platform iTrustCapital secured $125 Million in Series A funding

Kraken acquires Staked to offer Non-Custodial Crypto-Staking Services to Retail

Crypto investing software, Stacked secured $35 Million in Series A funding

Blockchain Infrastructure and Services provider, Figment raises $110 Million in Series C funding

CoinDCX revealed Crypto Learning modules in Sign Language

Riverside County to use Infosys developed Blockchain Network solution for Bookkeeping

New York based decentralized Finance (DeFi) Zeta Markets secured $8.5 Million funding

Blockchain Intelligence startup TRM Labs raises $60 Million in Series B funding

Singapore based decentralized Web3.0 Public Network BBS Network raises $1.5 Million funding

New York based NFT platform Holaplex secured $6 Million in Seed Funding Round

Govt of India proposes National Framework to spice up use of Blockchain

Cryptocurrency Trading mobile application TabTrader secured $5.8 Million funding

MasterCard partners with Bakkt to offer Crypto and Loyalty programmes