New York based NFT platform Holaplex secured $6 Million in Seed Funding Round


Holaplex, a New York based NFT platform that uses Solana in addition to the Solana supported on-chain protocol, Metaplex, has now secured $6 million in seed funding.

Holaplex was founded by Alex Kehaya in the year 2021. It offers independent musicians, artists, and creators free tools to make and sell NFTs while offering NFT buyers and collectors more than 2000 stores to discover up and coming projects and artists.

Additionally, to enable creators to build their own NFT stories and marketplaces with no-code, Holaplex uses and contributes to the NFT protocol Metaplex, which delivers NFT creation on the Solana blockchain.

Executive Opinion

Alex Kehaya, Founder of Holaplex, said, "We’re building Holaplex to empower creators and support the community of independent artists, musicians and creatives worldwide. To deliver the no-code, click-and-publish experience expected by today’s tools for artists and creatives, Holaplex works behind-the-scenes with open-source Rust developers and Solana supporters."

CoinFund founder and CEO Jake Brukhman said, "It’s clear that the early mainstream adoption we saw kick-off in NFTs in February of 2021 is leading to immense interest from creators, brands, and even corporates looking to put their IP on the supply side of the market. But the NFT infrastructure so far is missing a suite of tools for marketing and creating NFTs. Holaplex’s approach will bring these tools to market for mainstream users and enable them with the cutting-edge tools of Web3."

Holaplex's Latest Funding

CoinFund led the funding round. Other participating investors include Social Capital, Solana Capital, Collab+Currency, Valor, and Blockchain Co-investors.

The company, as of now, has plans to use the new funds to support the growth and development of the Holaplex technology team in addition to the open-source contributors to customer support services and community initiatives.
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