Data Intelligence startup Zartico secured $20 Million in Series A funding


Zartico, a company using data intelligence, virtualizations, and analytics to help destination tourism organizations make data-driven strategic and operational decisions, has now secured $20 million in a Series A funding round.

Zartico is founded by Sarah Lehman. It is a destination operating system providing data intelligence, analytics, and virtualization to more than 180 Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) nationwide. Its integrated data model offers its customers anonymized geolocation, spending, and event data for visitors and destinations in real-time.

Zartico, which as of now has 61 remote employees, is hiring and anticipates a 70% jump in headcount in the next six months.

Executive Opinion

Sarah Lehman, CEO, Zartico, said, "The visitor economy contributes 10% to the global GDP, yet it is one of the last to embrace big data and analytics, relying instead on quarterly and yearly reports that are almost instantly outdated. By layering and analyzing rich datasets, we provide some of the world’s most popular destinations with insight into where their visitors are coming from and the attractions driving the most interest, enabling them to better market, and more importantly, manage their visitor economy more effectively."

Wit Tuttell, Director of Visit North Carolina and US Travel 2022 State Tourism Director of the Year, said, "When we started working with Zartico we were hungry for real-time data that could tell us which areas of our state have the greatest opportunity for growth and how our visitor economy can support the state’s economy. Working with Zartico, we’ve been able to more effectively target our marketing efforts and increase partnerships to increase jobs throughout the state. After seeing the benefits of making data-driven decisions, we will never go back to the data stone age."

Zartico's Latest Funding

The round was backed by Arthur Ventures, with participation from Peterson Partners.

The startup, as of now, has plans to use the new funds to grow its engineering and product teams, expand its machine learning and predictive capabilities, acquire new proprietary data sets and expand into new markets such as airports, sports venues, and municipalities.
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