Accenture to bolster Cyient's Digital Transformation journey with AI and RPA


Accenture has revealed that it will offer AI and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) driven technologies to help Hyderabad-based IT services company, Cyient to upgrade its business operations.

With this, Cyient will seek to upgrade its internal operational processes with software-based automation, which Accenture SynOps and myWizard suites will provide.

Cyient is a multinational venture that offers services such as industrial engineering and manufacturing, semiconductor, scientific research, geospatial and designing services for smart city operations, mobility, navigation and surveillance, and more.

Executive Opinion

Ajay Aggarwal, Cyient’s chief financial officer, said, "As a technology company, we know that digital technologies are key to driving our growth and that of our customers. With this initiative, we are harnessing Accenture’s industry-leading digital expertise to enhance our operational agility, accelerate innovation, improve customer outcomes and drive profitable growth."

Sandeep Dutta, managing director, who leads growth and strategic client relationships for Accenture in India, said, "Intelligent operations are key to becoming an agile, competitive, future-ready enterprise. We are teaming with Cyient to modernize its operations with data and insights to drive its next wave of growth."

Accenture and Cyient Partnership

The company operates in sectors such as defense service, mining, automotive, railways, communications, energy, power, railways, and aerospace.

Accenture, on its part, will offer services such as myWizard and SynOps. The former is a suite of data analytics services that seek to improve processes such as procurement of raw materials, thus improving supply chain costs.

myWizard, on the other hand, is a set of AI-driven software automation tools and services that seek to reduce development timelines in order to improve the efficiency of a project and its timeline of completion.

All such tools are a part of a company’s migration to digital platforms for operational and core technologies, which is what Cyient aims to achieve here.
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