Data Solutions provider Qlik adds Support for Amazon Redshift Serverless Cloud Data Warehouse

Qlik, a data solutions provider, has announced support for the newly launched Amazon Redshift serverless cloud data warehouse with the integrations to both the Qlik Data Integration and Qlik Sense Cloud Analytics.

Customers can now use Qlik’s solutions alongside Amazon Redshift Serverless to deliver relevant and timely data to business users when it matters most for decision-making.

Executive Opinion

Itamar Ankorion, SVP Technology Alliances at Qlik, said, "Qlik has a long history of supporting Amazon Redshift customers since its debut ten years ago. Combining Amazon Redshift Serverless with Qlik Data Integration ensures joint customers have the relevant and timely data they need from key sources like SAP and Mainframe for analysis on-demand through the cloud while also benefiting from the ability to scale analytics through the cloud with Qlik Sense to any team across the organization when they are making decisions."

Clint Clark, VP of Finance Performance Systems and Data at Schneider Electric, said, "The ability to more easily access and integrate SAP data for analysis to enhance decision-making unlocks a significant source of value from one of our most important data assets. With Qlik Data Integration feeding our AWS environment with SAP, we are better positioned to unlock the value of our SAP data as part of our larger journey to being fully data-driven across the organization".

Qlik and Amazon Redshift Serverless Cloud

Amazon Redshift Serverless enables scaling and running analytics without having to manage your data warehouse infrastructure.

As per the report, combining Amazon Redshift Serverless with the Qlik Data Integration make sure joint customers have the relevant and timely data that they need from key sources like the Mainframe and SAP for analysis on demand via the cloud. They also receive benefits from the ability to scale analytics via the cloud with the Qlik Sense to any team across the organization when they are making some decisions.

According to the statement, the support for the Amazon Redshift Serverless is the latest milestone in Qlik’s continued work with AWS centered around maximizing the value of enterprise data for cloud analytics.
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