Eros Investments to leverage Wipro's AI/ML Content Intelligence Platform

Eros Investments

Eros Investments, a media, blockchain, sports, gaming, and digital commerce venture, has partnered with the Indian IT services major, Wipro, to automate and streamline its content localization process.

Eros Investments data science experts will use Wipro’s Vantage solution, an Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning supported content intelligence platform, The AI platform uses Google Cloud Translation AI suite of services to automate the time-consuming manual content localization process of dubbing and subtitling with near human-level accuracy.

Executive Opinion

Victor Morales, Managing Director, Global Systems Integrator Partnerships, Google Cloud, said, "Organizations across the media and entertainment space are increasingly seeking out solutions that enable language translation with accuracy and at scale. Wipro and Eros Investments’ content localization service, combined with Google Cloud’s machine learning capabilities, will provide customers the functionality they need to deliver audiences everywhere exceptional viewing experiences".

Swaneet Singh, Director, Eros Investments, said, "In a world where content is taking precedence and crossing the cultural and language barrier, subtitles and dubbing have become a critical component of the video viewing experience. It is well known that ‘good subtitles can’t save a bad film, but bad subtitles can ruin a good one,’ which is one of the reasons why we are co-investing with Wipro in a robust and automated translation solution. As global content reach grows, accelerated and accurate localization will be key in making premium original and catalog programming available to new global subscribers and audiences".

Eros Investments and Wipro partnership

Wipro will develop both the computer-generated voice from text to speech and speech-to-text models, which includes emotion tagging, voice cloning, and speed syncing in several languages for Eros.

The first phase of the automated translation will be available in multiple languages, which includes Spanish, English, French, Malay, Bahasa, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, and Arabic.

The use cases will be useful in training models to develop the solution in some other languages later. Wipro Vantage helps to extract intelligence or metadata from the various forms of video, audio, content, printed text, images, and more.

The services will be available to entertainment and media companies both as a platform as a service and private cloud deployments models.
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