Binance to empower IIT Delhi Fest with its Blockchain Technology

IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi has now partnered with Binance, a crypto exchange and blockchain platform, to offer NFT tickets and proof of attendance protocol during its upcoming 3-day cultural fest ‘Rendezvous’ to be held from the 24th of April to the 26th of April.

Binance is one of the leading crypto exchange platforms with an estimated user base of 30 million. The company has been actively involved with the institutes and students. For instance, last month, Binance and I4c launched a Blockchain for Good ideation for students in India with the objective of solving problems using blockchain technology.

Executive Opinion

Leon Foong, Head of APAC at Binance, said, "We are excited to partner with IIT Delhi for Rendezvous, where the most talented tech students from all over the country are brought together. We are happy to leverage Binance’s infrastructure and platform to inspire and educate the attendees of Rendezvous in web3, blockchain, and crypto. Binance has always been dedicated to educating and empowering the student community and aims to prepare the students of IIT Delhi, the event participants, and the rest of the country to be ready for a future of financial freedom that is powered by blockchain technology. In line with the “crypto for all” theme, we strive to make the blockchain space more inclusive and accessible to all and give back to the communities that help create events like Rendezvous. We are looking forward to the innovative ideas that will emerge during the festival and the new economic opportunities that will arise from events like this."

Khushpreet Singh-BRCA IIT Delhi Overall Coordinator said, “Blockchain is an emerging technology with a large scope for innovation in India. We are delighted about the partnership with a global leader like Binance, as this will allow our students to not only learn about the new revolutionary technology but also see some of its applications in action. The digitization of the event will definitely infuse a new level of excitement into the attendee experience while also imparting knowledge about this most interesting technology that enables us to be future-ready. The Rendezvous organizing team is moving forward with a strong conviction and is determined to give every stakeholder a great experience."

Binance's Blockchain Technology and IIT Fest

The NFT tickets will be issued for attendees on concert nights.

Binance revealed that it would also organize competitions on NFTs and crypto trading, along with an educational webinar on crypto for all on blockchain and crypto on the 1st of May, where the participants will be rewarded with a certificate. Binance is also the title sponsor for the IIT festival.

As per the report, Rendezvous' overall coordinator, registration for the fest has been a long-standing issue and the use of blockchain and NFT will help to address it.
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