Accenture and IISc Collaborate for Research in Cloud Continuum and Neuromorphic Computing


Accenture and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore are collaborating to undertake research and development (R&D) in cloud continuum and neuromorphic computing at its newly established Accenture Center for Advanced Computing.

Executive Opinion

Prof. Govindan Rangarajan, Director, IISc Bengaluru, said, "As a premier university and research institute in India, we are at the forefront of partnering with leading innovative organizations globally and are working on cutting edge research and development of products and technologies. The new Accenture Centre for Advanced Computing will focus on R&D activities in edge and neuromorphic computing to understand the potential impact of these technologies in industries and jointly develop new IP assets and research publications. We are pleased to see the swift progress made by both teams in a short time in this strategic initiative."

Mahesh Zurale, senior managing director, lead – Advanced Technology Centers in India, Accenture, said, "Today’s AI systems can interpret spoken commands, recognize objects and gestures, navigate, plan and make decisions, which are driving demand for even more powerful AI-driven experiences. The next wave of smart products and environments will require more advanced computing technologies like quantum and neuromorphic or brain-inspired computing to provide sustainable and responsive intelligence and enhance end-user experience across industries. This is going to be an important area for enterprises as they use technology to drive value for their customers."

Accenture and IISc Collaboration

While the cloud continuum encompasses various forms of ownership and location, all of which are dynamically enabled by next-gen connectivity such as 5G and a software-defined networks, neuromorphic computing is a method of computer engineering in which elements of a computer are modeled after systems in the human brain and nervous system. The term refers to the design of both the software and hardware computing elements.

As a part of the program, IISc and Accenture will undertake collaborative research projects and jointly develop intellectual properties and thought leadership in next-gen computing technologies that enable AI at the edge, which includes quantum, cloud, edge, and neuromorphic computing as well as in sustainable software engineering.

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