Mahindra Group partners Google Cloud for its Digital Transformation


Mahindra Group has now collaborated with the Google Cloud to power its digital transformation strategy and fuel the company’s next phase of business growth.

Under the new partnership, Mahindra Group's digital, cloud and data center of excellence, referred to as the Mahindra Digital Engine (MDE), will be leveraging on Google Cloud infrastructure and advanced data analytics technology to drive innovation across the group's multiple business units.

Executive Opinion

Mahindra Group Group Chief Technology Officer Mohit Kapoor said, "A digital mindset is front and center in every aspect of the Mahindra Group. We are building for the future with advanced cloud-based technologies and data-driven strategies to speed decision making and maximize synergies across our business. By utilizing Google Cloud’s best-in-class infrastructure and data capabilities, we can innovate faster for competitive differentiation, advance our enterprise sustainability goals, and strengthen our talent pool by attracting the best tech talent in the industry."

Google Cloud India Managing Director Bikram Bedi said, "As Mahindra Group’s trusted innovation partner, we are leveraging our expertise to help the Group bring its enterprise and consumer ecosystems closer together. Our multi-faceted, multi-year collaboration with Mahindra is a great example of the value we bring to customers and our unique ability to help them accelerate their digital transformation strategies, drive sustained business impact, and unlock long-term competitive advantage."

Mahindra Group and Google Cloud

The company revealed that the group is leveraging cloud-based technologies and data-driven strategies to speed up the decision-making and maximize synergies across its business.

As per the official statement, Mahindra will be tapping the engineering prowess and the best practices of Google Cloud Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Dev SecOps practices.

This will help in driving in-house talent to continue to scale its technical capabilities to meet the needs of its ever-expanding business.
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