Airtel showcases India's first 5G-powered Hologram

Airtel has recreated parts of the former Cricketer Kapil Dev’s 175 number innings against Zimbabwe at the 1983 world cup semi-final using the 5G and graphics.

The innings, played at Tunbridge Wells on 18th of June 1983, does not have any video footage, which owes to a strike by the BBC cameraman back in the day.

Executive Opinion

Randeep Sekhon, CTO, Bharti Airtel, said, "The gigabit speeds and millisecond latency of 5G will transform the way we consume entertainment. With today’s demonstration, we have only scratched the surface of the infinite possibilities of 5G and highly personalized immersive experiences in the digital world. With 5G based holograms, we will be able to transport virtual avatars to any location and this will be a game changer for meetings and conferences, LIVE news and will have so many other use cases. Airtel is fully prepared for 5G in this emerging digital world and is building a solid pipeline of innovative use cases for India. We also take this opportunity to thank the Department of Telecom for giving us the trial spectrum, to validate our technology and use cases."

Airtel's 5G powered Hologram

Airtel revealed that it had utilized immersive video technologies over its high speed 5G test network, along with also creating the atmosphere prevalent in the stadium back then.

The 5 minutes promotional video was uploaded on YouTube.

The video was showcased to a select audience of 50, who also had access to some other features, showcasing what the future of cinema could probably look like.

Apart from that, Kapil Dev also interacted with the audience with the help of a holographic real-time portrayal on-screen.  The Avatar, developed using 5G, walked viewers via the key moments of his innings.

The 5G holograms will help users to transport virtual avatars to any location, which will act as a game-changer for conferences and meetings.
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