NTT and ServiceNow join forces to accelerate Private 5G solutions

NTT Data

NTT Data has now collaborated with the cloud-based workplace automation platform ServiceNow to create AI-backed workflow management and service automation platform specifically on the private 5G networks.

Private 5G refers to a mobile network similar to the public 5G but differs in the sense that it allows the owner to provide licensing or priority access to their wireless spectrum.

Executive Opinion

Shahid Ahmed, Group EVP of New Ventures and Innovation at NTT Ltd, said, "Digitizing workflows is a pre-requisite to any digital transformation journey. By combining the simplicity, control, and security of NTT’s P5G Platform with the strength of ServiceNow’s industry-leading workflows, we can accelerate the value creation of private 5G for our clients and the industry at large."

Lara Caimi, Chief Customer and Partner Officer at ServiceNow, said, "Through our AI-powered workflow orchestration capabilities, ServiceNow is driving the control-tower for digital transformation by bringing people, processes and systems together to deliver powerful business outcomes. Together with NTT, ServiceNow will bring new use cases empowered by secure private 5G connectivity in a turn-key, 'as-a-service' consumption model. This will accelerate key business initiatives across various industry verticals."

NTT Data and ServiceNow Partnership

The partnership will help organizations to utilize solutions from the ServiceNow and NTT to streamline and integrate private 5G networks, building on NTTs recently launched platform the PG5, its private 5G as a service offering launched in the month of August last year.

NTT revealed that it would help customers shorten their time to market and provide a better service management experience.

5G-as-a-service is similar to network as a service offering, providing some of the basic SaaS benefits of not having high initial investments into a private 5G network.

The industry-specific pre-built workflows of ServiceNow could naturally complement NTT’s P5G network capabilities; this could offer faster deployment times for enterprises.
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