Capgemini sets up quantum lab in partnership with IBM


Capgemini has now announced that it has set up a quantum computing laboratory known as the Capgemini Q-Lab.

The facility will be available in the United Kingdom, India and Portugal and will work as research facilities to help build quantum applications.

Executive Opinion

Pascal Brier, Chief Innovation Officer at Capgemini and member of the Group Executive Committee, said, "Quantum technology will disrupt the way we compute, sense, and communicate, and will create new industries and business models along the way. The launch of our Q-lab tangibly demonstrates our ambition to bring to our clients the most innovative, breakthrough solutions and to invest in capabilities early on so we can become the leading quantum systems integrator. Our collaboration with IBM will enable us to explore the vast potential of quantum computing, bringing to our clients the top capabilities and skills available in the market today and tomorrow."

Jay Gambetta, IBM Fellow and VP, Quantum Computing at IBM, said, "Establishing a quantum industry will require a deep focus on expanding the quantum computing ecosystem across public and private sectors – something IBM cannot do alone. By working with Capgemini, clients have even more options for hands-on expertise to develop proofs of concepts to explore the potential of quantum computing across a variety of industries and disciplines."

The Quantum Computing Laboratory

As per the Capgemini, the Q-Lab can be used by the company’s clients to build in-house quantum computing applications as well as licensable technologies.

The Q-Lab has been set up in partnership with IBM and will be an authorized IBM Quantum Hub. The latter will going to facilitate users of the laboratory to access IBM’s quantum computing platforms, which includes access to Qiskit – IBM’s open-source quantum information SDK. The lab will also feature the latter’s latest 127-qubit quantum processor, Eagle.

Capgemini will provide its clients with a suite of professional services for end to end implementation of building quantum computing applications and services.

As per Capgemini, the facility will allow the developer and researchers working in industries such as molecular design in fluid dynamics and life sciences in aerospace engineering via quantum computing, data storage, confidential computing and sharing via quantum communications, autonomous mobility and medical diagnosis via quantum sensing, among others.
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