Linux Foundation reveals Quantum Computing alliance to drive Interoperability

Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation has now collaborated with Honeywell, Microsoft and others to bring together the quantum intermediate representation (QIR) Alliance.

The QIR Alliance seeks to establish collaborative efforts towards building quantum applications that can run across quantum simulators, classical computers and full-scale quantum processors as well.

Executive Opinion

Bettina Heim, principal software engineering manager, Microsoft, said, "We expect there to be exciting advances in how classical and quantum computations can interact at the hardware level. The QIR Alliance will provide a single representation that can be used for both today's restricted capabilities and the more powerful systems of the future. This will allow the community to experiment with and develop optimizations and code transformations that work in a variety of use cases."

Seth Newberry, general manager of standards at Joint Development Foundation, said, "Quantum technology is still quite nascent, but the promise grows every day. The QIR Alliance is poised to enable the open and technical development necessary to realize these promises. We're very happy to provide a forum for this work."

Linux Foundation Allaince for Quantum Computing

The objective behind such an Alliance is to make quantum apps available for several users, which in turn would maximize their applicability within research projects.

Based on the LLVM code compiler framework, an intermediate representation (IR) makes any computer language capable of running on a computing platform.

Essentially, code written in any language gets compiled into the IR. The latter is optimized, and as required, converted into an executable code based on the system that this code is run on.

With the QIR Alliance, companies and developers can create quantum optimisers alongside the standard IR on the LLVM compiler to create applications that straddle both quantum computers as well as high-performance classical computers that simulate quantum applications for researchers and scientists.

As quantum computing evolves and moves towards wider apps, the QIR Alliance will seek to make its use cases more readily available to users. This will involve creating apps that can be easily migrated across the new platform, which the Alliance aims to make sure.
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