Robotic Operating System, AmbiOS provider Ambi Robotics secured $6.1M in Seed Funding

Ambi Robotics

Ambi Robotics, a California-based company that offers advanced robot operating systems based on the simulation to reality AI, has now secured $6.1 million in a seed funding round.

Ambi Robotics is founded by Ken Goldberg and Jeff Mahler. It is an Artificial Intelligence and robotics company developing advanced solutions that help to scale e-commerce operations.

The company AI operating system, AmbiOS uses the Dex Net simulation to reality technology to operate highly dexterous robotics systems for parcel sortation and eCommerce kitting.

Executive Opinion

Ken Goldberg, the co-founder of Ambi Robotics, said, "Using our unique approach to deep learning AI-based on simulation-to-reality transfer, AmbiOS quickly configures our systems for a variety of sensors, robots and package categories. Our AmbiSort robot and gantry system reliably achieves superhuman sorting - allowing human workers to sort hundreds of thousands of commercial packages at twice the speed of manual picking."

Jeff Mahler, the co-founder of Ambi Robotics, said, "To meet the demand of the staggering growth of online deliveries during COVID-19, our robots work alongside warehouse employees to offset their workload, reduce injuries and improve accuracy, efficiency, and throughput. Our AI-powered robotic systems are designed for human operation and empower workers to perform at their best, leveraging our simulation-to-reality technology to pick and sort items while workers complete pack-out and handle exceptions."

Ambi Robotics' Latest Funding

AmbiOS trains robots before deployment to easily pick and pack items for affordable and fast integration. The technology powers the company’s two flagship products, AmbiSort, which helps to improve efficiency with AI-powered robotics for the parcel sortation, and AmbiKit, which improves efficiency with the flexible and modular kitting lines.

The round was backed by Vertex Ventures, Bow Capital, and The House Fund.

The company, as of now, has plans to leverage the new funds to deploy AI-powered robotic systems with their US customer base, notes the announcement.
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