Google and Intel collaborate to facilitate 5G connectivity rollout

Intel and Google

Intel and Google Cloud have now partnered to build telecom-focused cloud reference architectures and integrated solutions for the communication service providers (CSPs).

Together both will help speed up 5G deployments across multiple networks and edge locations.

Executive Opinion

Shailesh Shukla, vice president, and general manager of networking at Google Cloud, said, "Communications service providers can adopt cloud-native technologies to harness the potential of 5G both as a connectivity solution and as a business services platform to deliver applications to the network edge. Expanding on our work with the telecommunications industry, we are excited to work with Intel to help customers plan, test, and deploy the technology and infrastructure needed to accelerate the delivery of cloud-native 5G for consumer and enterprise use cases."

Dan Rodriguez, corporate vice president and general manager of the Network Platforms Group at Intel, said, "The next wave of network transformation is fueled by 5G and is driving a rapid transition to cloud-native technologies. As communications service providers build out their 5G network infrastructure, our efforts with Google and the broader ecosystem will help them deliver agile, scalable solutions for emerging 5G and edge use cases".

Intel and Google Partnership

The partnership will majorly focus on helping CSPs to deploy virtualized Radio Access Network (RAN) and Open RAN solutions on modernized infrastructure. Both companies will launch new labs to develop solutions for the 5G networks connectivity and help for the easier deployment of applications to the edge of the networks.

The partnership is expected to benefit industries such as healthcare, retail, and manufacturing via a combination of edge, 5G, and AI solutions.

As a part of the partnership deal, the infrastructure of the Google Cloud's global will work alongside Intel’s solutions such as Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), Intel Cloud-native Open Network Edge Service Software (OpenNESS), and hardware-based on Intel’s Xeon processors, notes the announcement.

Intel FlexRAN reference software will be also utilized to understand how to implement wireless access loads via flexible software architectures.
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