SAP to acquire Cloud Startup Signavio


SAP is now going to acquire Signavio, a Berlin-based leader in the enterprise business process intelligence and process management space. The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Signavio, is founded by Dr. Gero Decker. It offers an integrated cloud-native business process management suite that complements existing business process intelligence software from SAP. To date, Signavio has raised a total of $229.6 million in three funding rounds. The company is led by the Summit Partners, Apax Digital, and Deutsche Telekom Partners.

Executive Opinion

Rouven Morato, General Manager, Business Process Intelligence, SAP, said, "Signavio's capabilities in making business processes intelligent are highly complementary with our own. While we are providing insights using our deep understanding of business processes running in our applications and based on that can provide unmatched benchmarking capabilities, Signavio's approach to transformation is process model-centric. Signavio's process modeling and management functionalities, and its process governance and collaboration solution, are among the market leaders in the industry and are the missing component for providing our customers an end-to-end process transformation suite."

Dr. Gero Decker, Co-founder, and CEO, Signavio, said, "By joining SAP, we tap into the broadest business application software portfolio in the market, running the processes of the world. Considering the positioning of SAP, its geographical coverage, and financial muscle, SAP is the biggest and best platform to bring process intelligence to every organization. For us, it's a massive jump start and a major opportunity to help SAP become a key player in the business process management and intelligence space."

SAP's Signavio deal

With the help of Signavio, SAP will be able to strengthen its capacity to enable companies to quickly understand, transform, improve and manage their business processes at scale.

Signavio brings capabilities that will help SAP to offer a holistic suite of flexible process transformation solutions. It includes the business process design, gap analysis, benchmarking, improvement, and process change management.

The combination will bring together standardized process KPIs, process mining, broad benchmarking data, user behavior mining, and customer experience analysis. Customers will get a complete view of each and every business process along with the required tools to transform the processes, notes the announcement.
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