MeitY and AWS to establish Quantum Computing Applications Lab


Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has now revealed the foundation of a Quantum Computing Applications Lab in collaboration with the AWS (Amazon Web Services).

This new initiative will offer both the researchers and scientists access to the Amazon Braket. Amazon Braket is a cloud-based quantum computing service from Amazon.

Executive Opinion

Ajay Sawhney, Secretary, MeitY, said, "India has a rich legacy in science, technology, and innovation. We believe that India’s path forward will be driven by achieving world-class scientific solutions. Enabling our scientific community with advanced technologies plays a key role towards scientific advancements and learning. Today, we are delighted to take another significant step in India’s science and technology journey with the establishment of the MeitY Quantum Computing Applications Lab with the support of AWS."

Dr.Rajendra Kumar, Additional Secretary, MeitY, said, "An early and successful foundation in quantum computing is important to achieve leadership in this emerging field. The MeitY Quantum Computing Applications Lab, established with the support of AWS, is the first of its kind initiative in the world and aims to enable India’s talented researchers to explore the unchartered applications of quantum computing and pave the way for new discoveries and disruptions".

AWS and MeiTY collaboration

AWS and MeitY next month will call for proposals from the researcher, and scientific community as a part of the announcement. 

A new committee will then go through these proposals and approve ones that will align with the goals decided on the national priorities. The chosen researcher will get access to AWS credits to use the Quantum computing cloud platform from Amazon.

The Quantum Computing Applications Lab will then offer the applicants access to quantum computing hardware, programming tools, and simulators, on-demand, and at no cost, using Amazon Braket.
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