Infosys revealed Applied AI Cloud Powered By NVIDIA DGXTM A100


Infosys has now rolled out a new Infosys Cobalt offering, which is an Applied Artificial Intelligence cloud powered by NVIDIA DGXTM A100 systems.

The new AI cloud platform will help the developers at Infosys to easily access AI software and hardware stacks across clouds space.

Executive Opinion

Balakrishna D.R., Senior VP, Head - AI & Automation Services, Infosys, said, "For a long time now, AI has been playing a key role in shaping consumer experience. Cloud, data analytics, and AI are now converging to bring the opportunity for enterprises to not just drive consumer experience but reimagine processes and capabilities too. Infosys applied AI cloud, powered by NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, can help enterprises to quickly build on the opportunity while scaling with new technological advancements."

Charlie Boyle, Vice President and General Manager of DGX Systems at NVIDIA, said, "Many organizations are eager to infuse their business with AI but lack the strategic platform on which they can pool expertise and scale the computing resources needed to build mission-critical AI applications. Working with Infosys, we’re helping organizations everywhere build their own AI centers of excellence, powered by NVIDIA DGX A100 and NVIDIA DGX POD infrastructure to speed the ROI of AI investments."

Infosys Cobalt and NVIDIA DGXTM A100

NVIDIA DGXTM A100 is the universal set of systems for all the workloads related to AI. 

The company revealed that the new cloud would offer infrastructure and the advanced compute power needed for around 100 project teams at the company to run deep learning and machine learning operations simultaneously.

Infosys has also used a Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) that helps it to improve infrastructure efficiency and maximize utilization of each DGX A100 system.

Infosys is a service delivery partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network. Infosys also builds and deploys NVIDIA DGX A100 powered, on-premise AI clouds for the enterprise. The Infosys AI cloud offerings provide access to cognitive services, licensed and open-source AI software as a service, solutions model, pre-built AI platforms and cutting edge capabilities.
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