H2O.ai reveals H2O AI Hybrid Cloud to make better predictions and reduce risks


H2O.ai announced the launch of the H2O AI Hybrid Cloud, a comprehensive AI platform that helps organizations to build, distribute and share AI models.

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud Platform helps organizations to innovate and use Artificial Intelligence to make better predictions, reduce risks, optimize operations and personalize customer experiences.

Executives Opinion

Mark Austin, Vice President of Data Science, AT&T, said, "AI is central to AT&T’s mission to deliver wireless, broadband, and software-based video to our customers. We’ve deployed hundreds of AI models to support those products and services, such as to protect our customers by scoring transactions in real-time for the likelihood of fraud. Collaborating with H2O around their open source tools, including H2O Wave and H2O AI Hybrid Cloud will let us expand those capabilities across AT&T."

Snowflake Director of Product Management, Torsten Grabs, said, "It used to take large teams of expert data scientists months, or longer, to develop a single model, but today, with Snowflake’s extensibility capabilities and H2O's AutoML technology, data engineers can rapidly build and deploy their models and score records, all from within Snowflake using SQL."

H2O.ai Hybrid Cloud

The newly introduced hybrid cloud has capabilities and automation for the data science lifecycle. It includes connecting with the data and preparing it, with the help of building and explaining models, notes the announcement.

The H2O AI Hybrid Cloud leverages the Kubernetes platform. Thus enabling the customers to operate in any cloud such as Azure or on-premise infrastructure.

The list includes 200 data connections, automatic feature engineering, automatic data visualization, AutoML for a table, time sequence, image, text, video data, and machine learning operating technology to help organizations continuously control and improve their models.

The H2O AI Hybrid Cloud can be integrated with the Snowflake. It will help the data engineers to create AI models and classify recordings using SQL language. The Cloud also comes with an AppStore. It will help organizations to publish and share the AI applications they have created with the H2O Waves.
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