TTM Bank launches Global Prepaid Cryptocurrency Card

TTM Bank

TTM Bank, a financial company registered in Estonia, has now issued a prepaid cryptocurrency card that can be paid anywhere that accepts the VISA cards, reports NewsBTC.

TTM Bank digital cards are a convenient tool for daily purchases in both the online and offline stores. Users can pay for purchases with cryptocurrency all across the globe.

Executive Opinion

TTM Bank co-founder Vladislav Utushkin, said, "The main advantage of cryptocurrencies is that the assets belong only to their owner. And we, in turn, have created a card that allows its holder not only to fully control their own funds, but also serves as a link between the digital market and the classical financial system. The TTM Bank card is replenished with cryptocurrency, which is instantly converted into euros when deposited, allowing holders to use the card for purchases in any stores, restaurants, hotels, and online shops. The TTM Bank card is not a crypto wallet for storing cryptocurrencies, but a convenient and reliable tool for everyday purchases, a long-desired product among cryptocurrency holders".

TTM Bank prepaid cryptocurrency card

The TTM Bank prepaid card supports the four digital assets such as BTC, USDT, ETH, and TRX. Users can use the card to pay in online stores and physical retail stores.

At the time of making a deposit, the cryptocurrency credited to the card account will be converted into the Euros at the internal exchange rate of TTM Bank. The account holders of the TTM Bank encrypted cards can withdraw legal currency from the ATMs that support the VISA across the globe.

The prepaid card is the only cryptocurrency card that can be registered and used in Russia. The distribution, delivery, and maintenance of the card accounts are taken care of by the company’s partner, UAB Walletto. 
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