Quectel to use Qualcomm 212 LTE IoT Modem for BC660K-GL IoT Module


Quectel Wireless Solutions has now revealed the integration of the Qualcomm 212 LTE IoT Modem into Quectel’s BC660K GL High-Performance LTE CAT NB2 narrowband IoT module.

Quectel Wireless Solutions is a major global supplier of the GPRS/GSM, LTE, LTE+, HSDPA, etc. modules. As a global IoT technology developer and cellular module supplier, Quectel is able to offer a one-stop service for all the IoT cellular and network capabilities modules.

Executive Opinion

VP of Products at Quectel Wireless Solutions, Neset Yalcinkaya, said, "We're delighted that the Qualcomm 212 LTE IoT Modem is being integrated into our BC660K-GL module. This versatile module provides excellent performance with low power consumption. Our teams are collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies to ensure the modules are certified by global carriers and we look forward to bringing commercial products to market early in 2021."

Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Europe, Vieri Vanghi, said, "Integrating the Qualcomm 212 LTE IoT Modem into Quectel's NB-IoT module will help enable the creation of new, global smart IoT devices and applications. Together with Quectel, we are better able to meet global manufacturers' demands for low-power, ultra-compact and cost-efficient IoT technologies."

Qualcomm 212 LTE IoT Modem integration with BC660K-GL Module

The BC660K-GL module offers low power consumption and supports the multiple frequency bands for the NB-IoT connectivity. Quectel’s module contains an ultra-compact profile, which makes it an ideal choice for sensitive applications.

Apart from that, the module is designed to be highly compatible with Quectel’s GSM M66 module and NB-IoT BC66 module in different forms and sizes, which offers a scalable and flexible platform for migrating from GSM/GPRS to NB-IoT networks.

As nowadays NB-IoT networks are working across the globe, due to a large number of IoT applications selecting the technology.

The ultra-compact, scalable profile and extended temperature range make the BC660K-GL module more suited for the different IoT applications, which include bike-sharing, smart city, smart metering, home appliance, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring, notes the announcement.
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