DeFiner reveals Decentralized Crypto Platform, 'Taurus'

Taurus, the DeFi (decentralized finance) network has launched Taurus, a crypto saving product. The company said it has $2 million already locked into the saving accounts.

Taurus, a web application will allow customers to deposit assets to accrue interest at a floating market rate.

Executive Opinion

Co-founder, and CEO of DeFiner, Jason Wu, said, "The launch of our crypto savings product comes at a very fitting time for our community and users. We can't wait to see users benefit from a trustless savings account, supporting many crypto assets and stablecoins, that allows them to deposit savings instantly, withdraw at any time, and accrue interest. The traditional financial system is broken — it battles control from centralized institutions, upholds prolonged trading shut down periods, and offers people near-zero interest on their savings. By introducing true decentralization, we can take back financial control of our wealth. We are proud to provide a highly secure, superior savings platform that is not subject to the limits of conventional financial services."

More on Taurus crypto savings product

DeFiner’s Taurus product features a non-custodian, trustless savings account. It enables the users to deposit savings instantly, earn interest on assets and withdraw at any time.

Taurus's crypto savings product is geared towards venture capitalists, blockchain startups, and individual investors. DeFi network is aiming to bypass the shortcomings of conventional financial services while complying with the security requirements and preserving online safety using an immutable blockchain.

Taurus supports more than 15 different crypto assets and stablecoins which include the DAI, USDC, ETH, and DeFiner’s native token, FIN.
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