Tata Communications and Micron partner for Cloud-based Embedded SIM (eSIM) for IoT Devices

Tata Communications and Micron

Micron and Tata Communications have now launched the world's first cloud-based embedded subscriber identity module (eSIM) to accelerate deployments of devices in IoT.

The collaboration between Micron and Tata creates a virtual eSIM for secure cellular connectivity to even the most remote IoT devices, going beyond the limits of Wi-Fi and the complexities of local operators' contracts and roaming fees, notes the announcement.

Executive Opinion

Tata Communications Chief Strategy Officer Tri Pham said, "The business landscape we’re experiencing today is uncharted territory, one that is forcing organizations to be agile and adopt zero-touch, digital-first technologies and applications. IoT solutions can help businesses become more efficient and productive and can also bring in new opportunities and innovations, enabling them to scale new levels of growth. Yet cybersecurity, seamless integration, and reliable, robust connectivity, and global reach continue to remain key barriers to global enterprise adoption. By joining forces with Micron to reimagine edge connectivity and security, we will create a new paradigm that will rapidly accelerate and simplify IoT deployment."

Kris Baxter, vice president, and general manager of Micron’s Embedded Business Unit, said, "The IoT ecosystem is at a tipping point. While there is an untapped business opportunity, current hardware security methods are too complex and costly, or they limit scalability and flexibility. With Tata Communications’ cloud-based virtual SIM, Micron’s Authenta edge security will bridge this gap, fostering enterprise IoT adoption and open innovation in IoT services."

Micron and Tata Communications deal for eSIM

The virtual SIM leverages Micron's Authenta Key Management Service (KMS) that was launched last week to offer the industry-first silicon-based security as a service platform for edge services.

This service handles device identity verification with the help of a silicon root of trust using strong cryptographic identity and security features in the flash memory. This eSIM service competes with European eSIM chip providers such as STMicroelectronics and Infineon Technologies.

As of now, the current methods for protecting connected devices have their limitations. Generally adding secure elements method is difficult to scale and using secure key injections in the SoC leads to fragmented architecture.

Tata Communications MOVE Global IoT solution provides a zero-touch edge to cloud management of cellular-connected devices across 200 countries without having any fixed monthly contracts.

Apart from using a physical SIM card to verify mobile number identity, Authenta KMS provides device identities for the virtual SIM in the cloud, enabling secure, zero-touch device registration and onboarding to the Internet of Things services.

The new eSIM offers IoT devices with secure borderless connectivity via a cellular network, notes the announcement.
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