Infosys announces Data Science Platform for Health Agencies


Infosys has now rolled out an automated data science platform for public health agencies.

Known by the name as Infosys Health Insights Platform, the platform is developed and designed in collaboration with the NoSQL Cloud database Couchbase, AWS, and business intelligence platform Knowi.

Executive Opinion

Eric Paternoster, President, and CEO at Infosys Public Services said, "COVID-19 has shown us the need for crucial data analytics capabilities and tools for government agencies. It has also exposed the various issues with the tools available to public health agencies around the world. IHIP will help agencies quickly build next-generation analytics and data science capabilities to turn their data into actions. We will leverage the Infosys Cobalt community and its vast data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities to help federal, state, and local officials discover data-driven insights to guide public health decisions that are tailored to their constituents' needs."

Adelaide O'Brien, research director, IDC Government Insights, said, "By building on its basic capabilities and adding a data governance framework, DevOps pipeline, a FHIR data model and API library, Infosys will enable the efficient and fast exchange of patient health care records. These capabilities coupled with its "self-driving" advanced analytics and AI platform are available at an opportune time for providing a 360 view of the impact of COVID-19 on spread direction, contact exposure patterns, high risk communities/hot zones, and will allow agencies to predict virus spread, issue alerts for prescriptive care interventions, and improve population health management by preventing further spread."

Infosys' Data Science platform

The newly launched platform (IHIP) will help the health agencies aggregate, analyze, and manage data from multiple sources and disparate formats. The platform is a part of the Infosys Cobalt’s portfolio of 14000 cloud assets.

IHIP will provide a single platform to generate insights and actionable intelligence, especially amid the outbreaks such as the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Apart from that, Swiss Health technology startup Mobile Health AG has selected Infosys to enhance go-to-market strategy for its electronically patient-reported outcomes platform, Consilium Care. As a part of the announcement, Infosys will also set up and manage cloud and infrastructure services and support, security, and monitoring and platform management services for the Mobile Health AG.

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