Mirantis acquires Kubernetes IDE project Lens

Mirantis Acquires Kubernetes IDE project Lens

Mirantis has recently acquired Kubernetes integrated development environment (IDE)  startup Lens.

Lens is an open-source project from its authors. The acquisition helps in bringing multi-cluster management into the mainstream. It further simplifies working with Kubernetes and cloud-native applications. Lens supports different kubernetes clusters like local cluster, minikube or others such as Docker Enterprise, EKS, AKS, GKE, Pharos, UCP, Rancher, Tanzu or OpenShift etc.

Executive Opinion

Founder and principal of the Lens open source project, Miska Kaipiainen, "It’s been amazing to see the rapid adoption of Lens. User growth has been entirely organic so clearly there was a need for a developer-friendly Kubernetes IDE. With Mirantis, Lens will remain vendor neutral and open source, and maintain its independence. We’re excited to invest more in new feature development, community building, and cloud native technology integrations to make the product better for everybody in the ecosystem."

Co-founder and CEO, Mirantis, Adrian Ionel, said, "Just like Visual Studio was a breakthrough for software developers, Lens is a game changer for Kubernetes developers and operators. It makes writing, testing and running Kubernetes apps easy and simple on any public or private cloud. Lens fills a major gap in moving people from being interested in Kubernetes to being productive with Kubernetes."

Mirantis and Lens, Kubernetes IDE

MIT licensed Lens k8s IDE supports all kinds of certified Kubernetes (K8S) distribution on any infrastructure. The standalone k8s distribution is available on Linux, Windows, and Mac operators.

The announcement noted that Mirantis will invest in further developing Lens and work with the open-source community. Mirantis also noted that Lens will remain open-source and free.

Lens is available at GitHub here.
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