Infosys launches set of Solutions, Services and Platforms to accelerate Cloud Journey


Infosys has now launched a set of services, solutions, and platforms to accelerate the cloud journey of enterprises.

Known by the name as Cobalt, the Infosys offers around 14000 cloud assets along with 200 top cloud solution blueprints, according to the Infosys Cobalt website.

Executive Opinion

Salil Parekh, CEO, Infosys, said, "Our clients are building cloud capabilities to gain a business advantage in increasingly competitive markets. The future of enterprise cloud strategy will be shaped by three key factors – speed-to-market, innovation at scale, and security of the ecosystem – this is the foundational construct of Infosys Cobalt. With Infosys Cobalt, we will set up a proven and optimal foundation for cloud-led transformation that will accelerate the next phase of growth and market leadership for businesses."

Ravi Kumar, President, Infosys said, "Our clients operate in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. They want to modernize and innovate at scale. They are looking to leverage this heterogeneous landscape, make the most of SaaS and PaaS capabilities, and power on-demand business solutions. They need a strong pool of talent with specialist skillsets to solve these challenges. Infosys Cobalt, together with its rich ecosystem of partners and vibrant cloud community, is securely amplifying enterprise cloud ecosystems, enabling businesses to find faster, more innovative ways to respond to changing markets and drive business resilience."

Infosys' Cobalt Cloud solution

According to the Infosys, Cobalt helps businesses to redesign themselves and also build new cloud-first capabilities to create seamless experiences. This can be created irrespective of the customer’s cloud profile, whether it is pubic, hybrid, or private cloud, as well as across platforms as a service, infrastructure as a service and software as a service landscape.

By using the Cobalt community, enterprises can rapidly launch solutions and create business models to meet changing market needs while complying with the most stringent global, regional, and industry regulatory and security standards.

According to the Infosys, the Cobalt cloud community will gradually expand to include partners, startups, academia, citizen cloud developers, and gig workers.

Moreover, enterprises can have ready access to a growing portfolio to more than 200 cloud-first solution blueprints, and Infosys own existing platforms that can deliver ready to launch applications.

Organizations can also work with the Infosys Cobalt Labs, located at the Infosys global digital centers, to co-create new solutions and accelerate such solutions to speed up the market.

Infosys also revealed that the Cobalt would also take care of the regulatory and security compliance, along with the financial and technical governance that is built into every solution. Its acquisitions of Salesforce partner companies Simplus, and Fluido, will expand its enterprise cloud capabilities.
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