Octane AI introduces Shoppable Quiz and secured $4.25 Million in Funding

Octane AI

Octane AI, a New York-based buyer profile, and SMS marketing platform for Shopify, has now secured $4.25 million in funding.

Octane AI is founded by Matt Schlicht in the year 2016. It is a buyer profile, Facebook Messenger, and SMS marketing platform for Shopify. Merchants and partners use Octane AI to convert, connect, and retain customers by personalizing the customer's journey and giving customers the confidence to purchase. 

The company has launched The Shoppable Quiz, which brings the retail consultation experience online with a personalized shopping experience, featuring a fully customizable quiz builder integrated with Shopify and other eCommerce technologies.

Executive Opinion

Matt Schlicht, CEO of Octane AI, said, "We are creating a better way to shop online. The Octane AI Shoppable Quiz enables brands to get to know the needs, preferences, and concerns of each customer, and then uses this information to build a relationship where the right products and information can be shown at the right times. If I walk into a physical store, someone can greet me, help me find exactly what I need, and give me the confidence to purchase - The Shoppable Quiz uses conversational automation to make this experience digital and scalable for the top ecommerce brands in the world".

Alex Tenney, Marketing Director at Skinny Mixes, said, "We’ve been dreaming about a Shoppable Quiz since starting our ecommerce site to answer our customers’ number one question: ‘what flavor should I try and what do I do with it?. Octane AI was able to create a Shoppable Quiz to seamlessly answer these questions while also gathering useful customer information. We’re so excited to get to know our customers on a personal level, help them find products easier and engage with them in a more impactful way. The Shoppable Quiz is something every e-commerce brand needs to build detailed buyer profiles, and we look forward to using this info to further personalize our emails, SMS, Messenger, and ads."

Octane AI's Shoppable Quiz and Latest Funding

The Shoppable Quiz product intends to bring the retail consultation experience online. The product's easy-to-use quiz builder integrated with Shopify, Klaviyo, and ReCharge.

The product helps in building buyer's profiles. It can personalize the messaging across Facebook Messenger and SMS to recommend products, notes the announcement.

The round which brought the total funding secured so far to $9 million was backed by the Bullpen Capital with additional participation from Boost VC, Mana Ventures, General Catalyst Partners, Nelstone Ventures, Adam Schwartz, and others.
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