AI startup Verta secured $10 Million in Series A Funding


Verta, a California based Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning model management and operations company, has now secured $10 million in Series A funding round.

Verta is founded by the Manasi Vartak. The company offers AI/ML model management based on ModelDB and operations software for enterprise data science teams to manage inherently complex model-based products.

Its production-ready systems help IT operations and data science teams to focus on their strengths and rapidly bring AI/ML advances to the market.

Executive Opinion

Manasi Vartak, founder and CEO of Verta, said, "Data science teams live in their own specialized world, working with data, running experiments and building great models. The software deployment teams that take those models and use them to power production applications have a completely different focus and set of trusted tools. Forcing these teams to learn each other’s tools is a distraction neither of them need. With Verta, we help each team to stay focused on what they do best".

Mike Leone, senior analyst at ESG, said, "As the AI/ML market expands rapidly, data science teams are becoming overburdened. They’re tasked with solving strategic business problems, but they’re bogged down by several non-data science tasks: data integration, data quality, cumbersome checkpoints; governance/compliance; learning intricacies of technology in the operational stack, like Kubernetes. This is where Verta can help by taking on the AI operational burdens data science teams face and enabling them to concentrate on strategy, innovation and what they were hired for: data science."

Verta's Latest Funding

Intel Capital led the latest funding round with participation from General Catalyst. 

The funding will help Verta to support more enterprises in operationalizing AI and ML and to build an exceptional team, notes a blogpost.

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