Snorkel AI secured $15 million in Funding

Snorkel AI

Snorkel AI, a California-based AI startup, has now secured $15 million in total funding.

Snorkel AI provides with an end to end Machine Learning platform, Snorkel Flow, which enables developers and non-developers to build and deploy AI applications in a fraction of the time by programmatically labeling and managing the “training data” that fuels modern AI.

Executive Opinion

Alex Ratner, CEO of Snorkel AI, said, "Despite spending billions of dollars on AI, few organizations have been able to use it as widely and effectively as they want to. This is because available solutions either ignore the most important part of AI today – the labeled training data that fuels modern approaches – or rely on armies of human labelers to produce it. Our end-to-end platform, Snorkel Flow, focuses on a new programmatic approach to the training data that enables enterprises to use AI where they couldn’t before."

Saam Motamedi, Partner at Greylock and Snorkel Board Member, said, "Snorkel Flow is the first end-to-end ML platform that focuses on the data, making AI a reality for enterprises. We’ve consistently heard from Fortune 500 CIOs that they have been disappointed with their progress using AI, largely because they get stuck on the data. Customers’ rapid success with Snorkel Flow is a testament to the power of this new, data-centric approach, which has the potential to democratize AI across the enterprise. We are thrilled to partner with the Snorkel team as they drive this important market shift."

Snorkel AI's Latest Funding

Snorkel AI clients include government agencies, US Banks, and some other large enterprises.
The round was backed by the GV, Greylock and In-Q-Tel, and others.

The company has just come out of stealth mode and raised the latest funds.
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