To Tackle Aging-related Diseases, Deep Longevity secured Undisclosed amount of Funding

Deep Longevity

Deep Longevity, a California based biotechnology company focused on improving longevity R&D through AI, has now secured a Series A funding round of undisclosed amount.

Deep Longevity is founded by Alex Zhavoronkov. It is having its specialization in deep learning for aging research specializing in the development of deep biomarkers of aging using the clinical blood tests, microbiome, proteomics, imaging, transcriptomic, and multiple other data types.

Executive Opinion

Alex Zhavoronkov, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Deep Longevity, said, “Over the past few years, our team made several discoveries in the field of deep learning for longevity research in both biomarkers of aging and geroprotector discovery. Deep Longevity will translate these discoveries into the new industry of longevity management and medicine providing longevity as a service. To enable early access to these technologies we partnered with the most prominent concierge longevity practice, Human Longevity. We are happy to announce this round of funding provided by the top experts in longevity, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence. We will help power their longevity ecosystem with a standardized set of aging and longevity biomarkers.”

Wei-Wu He, PhD, MBA, executive chairman of Human Longevity, said, “The longevity industry is rapidly evolving and is likely to become the largest industry on the planet. At Human Longevity we are dedicated to building the innovative longevity biotechnology ecosystem enabling technologies that can help our customers and our network of longevity physicians. One of the main breakthroughs of the past decade is the invention of the so-called aging clocks, biomarkers of aging that allow us to measure the rate of aging and evaluate the effectiveness of the various interventions. ETP Ventures and HLPIVF are investing in Deep Longevity because of their proven technology leadership in the development of AI-based aging clocks using many data types. These clocks will be available in the near future to our scientists, physicians, and our customers.”

Deep Longevity's Latest Funding

The round was backed by the Human Longevity, ETP Ventures, and Performance Impact Venture Fund.

Other participating investors include the Longevity Vision Fund, Bold Capital Partners, LongeVC, some of the celebrity investors in AI and some of the most prominent US biotechnology investors.

The company has come out of the stealth model from Insilico Medicine, notes the announcement.
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