Routinify secured $1.5 million in Equity Funding led by Resolute Capital Partners


Routinify, a Colorado-based remote healthcare technology solution company has now secured $1.5 million in an equity funding round.

Routinify is founded by Pat Kelly in the year 2018. It offers comprehensive care for seniors and those with in-home or remote care needs. Its WellAssist Program collects real-time data from wearable and medical devices. Additionally, data is also collected from the patient's interaction with in-home sensors.

Executive Opinion

Thomas Powell, senior managing partner and founder of Resolute Capital Partners, said, "We see that Routinify's technology-enabled home healthcare services are the future of eldercare and rehabilitation services within our community, especially as our population ages in a COVID-19 era. Routinify's technology provides a critical service to its customers, and it is led by an experienced executive team that has the experience to grow the organization into a household name. It's founder and CEO, Pat Kelly, has successfully led or served as a key member of the leadership team for three start-up exits, which were eventually acquired by companies such as Cisco, Nice Systems and TTEC."

Pat Kelly, CEO and founder of Routinify, said, "I am thrilled to partner with Resolute Capital Partners. Resolute Capital's technology fund helps entrepreneurial ventures meet their potential, and I believe Routinify will play a vital role throughout our communities as families and healthcare practitioners seek to find new ways to provide quality in-home care for aging adults while limiting exposure for both the aging adult and the healthcare providers to pathogens. In the coming months, I expect demand for home-based TeleCare to increase as individuals reconsider enrolling loved ones in managed facilities, and as others consider options for bringing their loved ones back home."

Routinify's Latest Funding

The investment round was backed by Resolute Capital Partners. The healthcare, financial services, and regulatory sectors witness significant national and global demands, notes the announcement.

The company, as of now, has plans to use the new funds to expand operations and its business outreach.

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