UiPath's Robotic Process Automation is helping Healthcare System to fight against Covid-19


UiPath is now offering its software for free to accelerate critical processes in the healthcare organizations from the repetitive tasks so that they can rapidly respond to the issues related to the Coronavirus Outbreak.

UiPath will also be going to offer its lab, the automation hub, to help enterprises who want to build automation tools. The company, as of now, has signed with more than 100 customers to deploy automation hub in order to support their remote workforce.

On the healthcare workers, UiPath revealed that it would automate the check-in process in hospitals, which allows digital paperwork to be processed quickly.

Executive Opinion

UiPath Co-Founder and CEO, Daniel Dines, said, "We’re heavily invested right now in helping combat the spread of COVID-19 with the help of our RPA platform and providing our customers timely support as they transition to new operating models. Never has there been more need for software robots to assist hospitals with huge volumes of medical tests processing, or the public authorities with navigating the welfare arrangements for people in need of timely solutions, or the retailers with onboarding thousands of employees that are needed quickly to aid in the crisis. As businesses face the realities of working in an economic downturn, they’ll adapt their business models with automation, enabling them to scale up robots rather than scale down human employees."

UiPath Robotic Automation Process

The company also revealed that its robot can bring the waiting time for a transaction to 15 seconds from 2.5 minutes as compared to the human attended process.

To help customer support agents handle queries, the company revealed that agents supported by RPA are able to pull up customer data faster and reduce the overall handling time with customers.

Automation of registration of new equipment for the remote workers as well as creating new users for a virtual private network can also be automated. This can even lead to a faster setup of equipment for remote workers.

UiPath also revealed that RPA can be applied to insurance, government, banking, retail and logistics, among other domains.

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