Pega revealed Pega Kickstart Services to Accelerate Digital Transformation services


Pegasystems recently launched new services to help companies with a quick digital transformation amid the Coronavirus Pandemic and work from home situation.

The services, Pega Kickstart, aims to help companies that had to adopt work from home models with little preparation, notes the announcement.

Pegasystems is a leader in business process management and a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management solutions that helps organizations to enhance customer loyalty, generate new business, and improve productivity. Pegasystems helps clients across the globe to quickly adapt to changing business conditions in order to outperform the competition.

Executive Opinion

CTO and vice president, product marketing, Pegasystems, Don Schuerman, said, "Even in the best of circumstances, businesses are in a never-ending race to keep up with changing customer expectations and ward off the latest market threats. Now we’re offering an even faster and easier way to improve customer and employee experiences with our Pega Kickstart services. In just weeks, and for a fixed cost, our experts will deliver a custom solution built to meet today’s challenges and future-proofed for the long haul."

Pegasystems' Pega Kickstart Services

The service package includes three services – email bot, micro-journey, and workforce intelligence can be deployed by companies for both the internal and external facing operations, notes the announcement.

The MicroJourney Kickstart service will help companies with automated customer experiences such as disputes and inquires. The Pega Email Bot Kickstart will help them to automate email reply processes.

Apart from that, the Pega Workforce Intelligence Kickstart software offers solutions targeted at employees working remotely.

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