Unity Technologies acquired Dublin-based Deep Learning startup Artomatix

Unity Technologies acquired Dublin-based deep learning startup Artomatix

Unity Technologies, a San Francisco based creator of 3D development platform, has now acquired the Artomatix to streamline 3D artistic workflows in top studios across the globe.

The financial details of the transactions were not disclosed. However, CrunchBase reports the size of the deal around $60 Million.

Dublin based Artomatx uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically create realistic 3D art creation. The company has raised a total of €10.8M in funding over 7 rounds, according to CrunchBase.

Executive Opinion

Chief Product Officer, Unity Technologies, Brett Bibby, said, "AI-assisted content creation tools empower artists by increasing their creative velocity to produce better work and get to quality faster. ArtEngine helps game studios create realistic content for the next generation of consoles and VFX studios to achieve better visuals for films and can enable equally impressive results for creatives working in other industries. From automotive and architecture to retail marketing and more, the demand for high fidelity design visualizations is growing at an exponential rate and will benefit from ArtEngine’s capabilities."

Chief Executive Officer, Artomatix, Joe Blake, said, "Unity understands the value of enabling creators to do more, and that’s something we’re deeply committed to. AI creation tools like ArtEngine help to put AAA quality content within reach of more creators than ever before. By joining Unity, we can greatly accelerate the delivery of our industry-leading AI for creatives. ArtEngine will continue to remain platform agnostic, enabling creators to benefit from our AI technology regardless of which engine they choose for their projects."

Unity's Artomatix Acquisition

Under the acquisition deal, Artomatix will continue to operate from Dublin, Ireland. Post-acquisition, Unity also plans to grow Dublin team in the coming two years in the areas of Research and Development.

Unity Technologies offers 3D video gaming engine that is used to develop titles for mobile, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and some other traditional consoles. Apps that were made with the help of a Unity reached around 2.7 billion devices across the globe and were installed more than 24 billion times in the past 12 months.

Artomatix is a highly aligned acquisition for Unity's 3D game engine that can help developers to automate 3D content creation.

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