Tencent and Huawei Collaborates up to Build a Cloud Gaming Platform


Tencent has now signed a deal with the Huawei to set up a laboratory to develop a game, Reuters reported.

Both the Chinese companies are aiming to develop a cloud gaming platform, with the news coming just after Google's own cloud gaming service Stadia launched. The game development lab will try to leverage cloud gaming, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

Executive Opinion

South China Post, in a report, noted a statement from Wen Hao, an analyst form Tianfeng Securities, said, "For Tencent, the cooperation on the one hand shows its support of the home-grown Kunpeng industrial ecosystem and on the other hand, gives players using Huawei smartphones access to its cloud games."

In the same South China Post report, Zheng Jintiao, co-founder of media outlet Gamer Boom, said, "The partnership shows Tencent already has access to devices to preload hardware for their cloud games. Huawei also has to cooperate with more content providers to attract potential customers to its smartphones equipped with its own operating systems."

Tencent and Huawei PartnershipPC: Pablo, Pixabay

The collaboration intends to use Huawei’s Kunpeng processor to transform Tencent’s cloud gaming platform, GameMatrix will tap into mobile cloud gaming solution.

Apart from that, the companies will explore the use of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in games.

AR is also a speculated to be used in the upcoming Apple headset, as AR is also a fairly untapped market that could go big in the near future.


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