Helm.ai secured $13 Million in the Seed Funding Round


Helm.ai, a Menlo Park, based scalable Artificial Intelligence (AI) for autonomous driving, has now secured $13 million in the funding round of seed, reports TechCrunch.

The investors include the Binnacle Partners, Fontinalis Partners, A.Capital Ventures, Amplo, Sound Ventures, Nicolas Berggruen, Adam D’Angelo, David Petraeus, Lee Linden, Vladimir Tenev, Charlie Cheever, SV Angel, Kevin Durant, and Navneet Dalal among others.

Helm.ai is founded in 2016 by Vladislav Voroninski. It uses the patent-pending, unsupervised deep learning technology to offer AI applications that power autonomous vehicles by understanding sensor data.

Executive Opinion

CEO of Helm.ai, Vladislav Voroninski told TechCrunch, "There’s this very long tail end and an endless sea of corner cases to go through when developing AI software for autonomous vehicles. What really matters is the unit of efficiency of how much does it cost to solve any given corner case, and how quickly can you do it? And so that’s the part that we really innovated on. We identified some key challenges that we felt weren’t being addressed with the traditional approaches. We built some prototypes early on that made us believe that we can actually take this all the way."

Helm.ai's Planned Fund Usages

Helm.ai's focus is on software-centric for autonomous vehicles. The company is creating a product which tries to understand sensor data and human actions to enable self-driving.

The company is leveraging unsupervised learning approach to develop its software for autonomous driving. It trains neural networks without the need for large-scale fleet data, simulation or annotation.

The company, as of now, has plans to use the funds to advance engineering services, Research & Development and to increase the team size, notes the report.
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