Wipro Digital acquires customer experience firm Rational Interaction

Wipro Digital acquires customer experience firm Rational Interaction

India's third-largest IT consulting firm, Wipro Digital revealed the acquisition of Washington based Rational Interaction.

Founded in 2009, Rational Interaction is a full-service digital customer experience company. The company currently staffs more than 300 employees across the globe with its offices in Bellevue and Seattle in Washington; Sydney in Australia and Dublin in Ireland.

As it integrates with the Wipro Digital, Rational Interaction will keep on growing on its own and continue to serve its client base. There are no such plans to reduce the employee staff, notes the announcement.

Executive Opinion

President, and Head, Wipro Digital, Wipro Limited, Rajan Kohli, said, "This acquisition comes at a time when companies increasingly compete solely on CX, and the market for CX spending is growing exponentially. Discovering, refining, and optimizing the customer experience from the first impression through repeat sale requires best-in-class talent, unique marketing technologies and methodologies, and the ability to scale and demonstrate payback quickly. Together, Wipro and Rational Interaction are a perfect combination for CMOs."

CEO, Rational Interaction, Kahly Berg, said, "As companies continue their digital transformation journeys, we see CMOs increasingly stepping in as the leaders of these initiatives, tasked with representing the voice of the customer and ensuring that the digital transformation pays off the brand promise. Wipro’s global presence and partnerships with industry leaders provide an opportunity to scale Rational Interaction’s CX offerings, building on our success in developing and launching brand-defining campaigns."

Rational Interaction's role in Wipro Digital's offerings

The offerings from both the Rational Interaction and Wipro Digital are expected to help in driving long term revenue growth and help the CMOs scale for the future. Wipro is planning to monetize the ever-growing role of CMO in digital transformation journies.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and real-time customer sentiment analysis can drive meaningful engagement and loyalty.  With this acquisition, Wipro Digital can scale its offering for Chief Marketing Officers. The plan is to connect Rational Interaction’s ability to map and orchestrate the customer journey with Wipro Digital’s ability to design and build experiences at a global scale, notes the announcement.

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