Salesforce acquired Vlocity for $1.33B in all Cash deal

Salesforce Acquired Vlocity For $1.33B in all cash deal

Salesforce has now announced the acquisition of an enterprise mobile application provider, Vlocity, for around $1.33 bn in cash.

According to the announcement, the deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2021.

Vlocity offers industry-specific cloud and mobile software that drives the digital transformation for the organizations. It increases sales, services, and marketing agility, digital adoption, operational efficiency, and simplicity at a faster time to value across the enterprises.

The acquisition will help the Salesforce to accelerate more and strengthen its capabilities. After the acquisition deal, Vlocity, as a part of Salesforce, will continue the utility of its features to enhance and supplement Salesforce industry abilities and product knowledge.

Executive Opinion

David Schmaier, Vlocity, founder and CEO, said, “Upon the close of the transaction, Vlocity — this wonderful company that we, as a team, have created, built, and grown into a transformational solution for six of the most important industries in the enterprise — will become part of Salesforce.”

Vlocity capabilities at Salesforce

Vlocity will also offer newer expert guidance and tools to digitalize the transformation. Vlocity was built natively on the Salesforce platform and offers industry-specific cloud and mobile software.

According to the notes, Salesforce has a major focus on knowing the customers, wants, and speaking their language.

Salesforce intends to expand its industry-specific offerings like the Financial Cloud and Health Cloud Services. For these, Vlocity will mainly help the Salesforce for uplifting and achieving its goals.

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