India based Bharti Airtel and Nokia to collaborate on Industry 4.0 Applications for Enterprises

Airtel and Nokia to collaborate on Industry 4.0 applications for enterprises

Airtel has now partnered with the telecom networking company Nokia to provide the industry 4.0 applications for enterprises.

Industry 4.0 refers to the automation and deployment of the latest emerging technologies, such as analytics and cloud. According to the announcement, industrial-grade 4G or LTE private wireless solutions will help the industrial automation for enterprises in information technology, financial, manufacturing, media, and logistics sectors.

The partnership will explore the 5G use cases for the enterprise segment, notes the announcement.

The company will enable technologies such as the Internet of Things, Cloud, AI, Machine Learning, and Edge computing to develop enterprise solutions.  The deployment will focus much more on the segment of digitization, prescriptive and predictive analytics, and remotes connected via low latency and secure LTE technology to maximize efficiency and productivity, notes the announcement.

The LTE technology has, with time to time, evolved to offer secure, reliable, and high capacity connectivity for the industrial applications and digitization.

Executive Opinion

CEO – Enterprise Business, Airtel Business, Ashish Arora, said, "We are pleased to expand our strategic partnership with Nokia to build cutting edge Industry 4.0 solutions for enterprises. At Airtel, our ambition is to be a key enabler of digital transformation of businesses and with our future ready connectivity platforms and ecosystem of partners, we are uniquely positioned to serve this massive demand."

Vice President and Head of Customer Team for Bharti Airtel at Nokia, Naresh Asija, said, "Telecommunication service providers play a key role in transforming Digital India We are delighted to partner with Airtel as the operator leads the way in driving 4th industrial revolution in India for enterprises. Nokia will contribute with our end-to-end portfolio and deep industry expertise with over 120 private wireless customers across industries globally."

Airtel and Nokia Partnership

Airtel serves more than 2500 large businesses and more than 500000 small and medium business and technology startups in India.

Industry 4.0 landscape requires properties like low latency, high-reliability networks. For manufacturing industries, these properties enable new levels of automation and data exchanges. This further improves operational efficiency and reduced costs.

The partnership will enable the private wireless portfolio with the mission-critical reliability, intrinsic security, and vast coverage to meet the growing demand for a network that can support a high volume of data with low latency along with the wide range of telecom portfolio for the Airtel.

Nokia will contribute with its end to end portfolio and industry experts with more than 120 private wireless customers across industries across the globe.

In 2019, Nokia partnered with Microsoft to enable the latter cloud solutions to work with Nokia LTE/5G ready private wireless solutions, SD-WAN, IP, and IoT connectivity offerings.

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