Zebi launches Blockchain powered Zebi Secure Cloud, for Forensically Monitored Cloud Infrastructure

Zebi launches Zebi Secure Cloud, for Forensically Monitored Cloud Infrastructure

Zebi has launched blockchain-powered Zebi Secure Cloud.

Founded in 2015, Zebi is a full-stack core blockchain platform company. It operates in the entire blockchain enabled products and infrastructure.

The company is leveraging its blockchain technology patents to develop a data logging and integrity management system for cloud forensics, notes the announcement.

Cloud forensics infers to digital forensics and cloud computing together. Data security has nowadays become a major concern as more companies now migrate their workloads to the cloud.

At the time of cyberattacks, time becomes a very significant factor as companies need to gather evidence about the breach and find different ways to resolve the issue.

Executive Opinion

Zebi CEO, Pruthvi Rao, said, "Zebi Secure cloud is an enterprise product built over the past few months with our research in the blockchain space. We have just completed beta testing with some marquee customers and the product is going into production now. Blockchain as space is nascent, but evolving quickly and while there has been regulatory uncertainty in government opportunities, we are seeing certain use cases ramp up. We are very excited and are positive about this billion dollar opportunity."

Zebi Chairman, Sudheer Kuppam, said, "We are excited to announce the launch of Zebi Secure Cloud. It is the result of our R&D alongside our valued partners and customers. With Zebi Secure Cloud, enterprises can enhance their business by enabling a forensically monitored approach to secure cloud data and infrastructure transparently and securely than ever before."

Zebi Secure Cloud

Zebi claims that less than 40% of these breaches are ever detected, out of which more than 70% cannot be analyzed due to tampered or deleted evidence in the form of files and logs.

According to the announcement, Zebi Secure Cloud platform helps enterprises zero in on the crime. The platform maintains the data in a digitally indestructible container on each and every system, monitors events leading up to the incident, and also permits the analysis of logs during and after a security event.

The company has compared the new product to fight records on aircraft that can be retrieved after an incident. The platform works on the Machine Learning for log analysis and flag suspicious activities in real-time analysis, the announcement notes.

In the month of February 2019 last year, Zebi acquired Element42 for an undisclosed amount.

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