Andra Capital Partners With Tezos to create Silicon Valley Coin

Andra Capital Partners With Tezos To Create Silicon Valley Coin

Andra Capital has recently launched its own token: Silicon Valley Coin (SVC).

The firm will issue SVC through Security Token Offering in a partnership with the Token Soft and Tezos Foundation.

The SVC token will leverage and built on top of the Tezos Blockchain network, and it will utilize the TokenSoft issuance platform. Additionally, the firm's open-ended technology fund will allow potential investors to invest traditionally. The fund will deliver Silicon Valley Coin in return, notes the announcement.

Andra Capital plans to leverage its Open-Ended Fund to invest in almost mature private technology startups. The announcement notes that investment opportunity is available to qualified purchasers in the U.S. as well as to the permitted investors around the globe.

Executive Opinion

Head of Strategic Partnerships at Andra Capital, Sam Raman, said, "The TokenSoft platform provides the technology for qualified retail investors to participate in desirable, late-stage, pre-IPO technology venture companies, and we have partnered with the best-in-class providers including the Tezos Foundation for its expertise in digital securities for the Silicon Valley Coin offering."

President of TQ Tezos, Alison Mangiero, said, "We are thrilled to see venture capital firms embrace digital securities, which allow them to easily and compliantly offer global investors access to a historically exclusive asset class. We continue to see increased adoption of the Tezos blockchain by professional teams like Andra. We look forward to supporting Andra Capital and TokenSoft in the years to come."

SVC and STO 

Tokensoft brings in blockchain-enabled compliance infrastructure. It lets for issuers seeking to offer equity, debt or derivatives. TokenSoft makes sure that qualified investors can surely lap up shares in the pre-IPO in for mature startups.

SVC will be available in more than 50 countries and there is a significant demand to issue tokens on Tezos blockchain due to institutional-grade qualities, notes the CEO of TokenSoft in an announcement.

On the other hand, Tezos offers a good stage hat is outstanding in digital securities and transactions such as Silicon Valley Coin offerings. This combination will work well for mostly all the potential investors.

Moreover, Tezos also revealed that the partnership is all about bringing the best to potential investors. The SVC will be a distinctive offering in the investment sphere in terms of accessibility and outreach.

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